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I need help

We’re glad you have chosen to to find out if Mercy Canada is the right place for you to break free from your struggles with a life-controlling issue. We really believe that you can have your hope restored and your life transformed. This is the right place to find out more about our program, to apply, and explore a way out:

  • Mercy Canada’s residential program is for young women between the ages of 19-30 who are dealing with any number of life-controlling issues.  If you are under the age of 19, please apply through Mercy Multiplied of America.  Please note, the U.S. homes cannot accept pregnant Canadian minors.
  • Mercy Canada is a Christian program that is open to women of any or no faith background. Applicants who are accepted clearly understand our Christian emphasis and are willing to accept help and participate fully in our biblically based counselling and residential program.  
  • Mercy is a voluntary program.  We recognize that true change can only be brought about through a personal commitment to change. Our program is for young women with a strong desire to bring about change in their lives and must be personally dedicated to come and participate in the program. Residents are always free to leave the program at any time and Mercy Canada reserves the right to deny any applicant entrance into the program.
  • The Mercy program is completely FREE of charge. Mercy is a gift to you from individuals, businesses, and churches who believe you can change by providing the finances to operate the program. Residents must have their own funds for personal spending and medications.

Find out more about our program or apply below.

I think a loved one needs help

If you are looking for help for a loved one who is struggling with life-controlling issues such as an eating disorder, self-harm, addictions, unplanned pregnancies, depression, sexual or physical abuse, you have come to the right place to explore what the Mercy Canada program has to offer.

This is also the place to find resources to support young women if they do not fit our age group, or are unwilling to commit to a residential program.

Keep in mind that Mercy Canada is a voluntary program for young women who are personally committed to change. Each young woman must complete the application herself.   Also, the young woman applying must communicate with the intake department herself to receive instructions on how to proceed once her online application has been submitted.  Each application is considered individually; however, to ensure fair treatment, all young women applying must complete the entire application process before they may be considered for admission. Mercy Canada reserves the right to deny any applicant entrance into the program.

If you think the Mercy Canada program would be right for your loved one, encourage her to apply or to explore some of our resources in order to support her healing.

You can also reach us at ask@mercycanada.ca or by calling us toll free at 1-855-55-MERCY.

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