Jorgia, 2011 Graduate

I had been in chains for eleven years. All my energy, time and thoughts went into an eating disorder that controlled me. I built up a system of lies that held me in bondage and stripped everything from my life, including the God who created me and only wanted me to live life to the fullest.

At the age of 20, I entered treatment through the public health system. I gained weight, but I knew I wasn’t truly free. Everyday I lost hope and trust in God. I believed that there was NO cure and I was going to be bulimic the rest of my life. I loved God, but believed I would never deserve a relationship or forgiveness. How can I draw near to God if I was consumed with bulimia?

I gave up and turned to men, drinking, drugs, and bulimia…all day, every day! All secrets and lies I told to my family and loved ones hurt me deeply but I couldn’t help it. Feeling ashamed and in bondage, I felt I had lost my life, health, stability, balance, and relationships.

I applied to Mercy with the attitude that I had nothing else to lose because I had lost everything. It took me almost a year to finish my application, but during that time I started to draw nearer to God. Starving for His presence, I started the process to change my life. I quit the pubs, drinking, and prepared to move out of my relationship. God had bigger desires for me.

I am now been free from binging and purging. I truly believe I am free and have forgiven myself for the first time! It’s no longer a choice. Jesus is the ONLY WAY!  I would go through the valleys all over to truly KNOW Him as I do today.