Roberta, 2013 Graduate

Growing up was tumultuous. A family member produced drugs out of our home and would beat me, my mother and siblings on a daily basis. I was abused mentally, emotionally, and physically. I was told I was useless, a mistake. Because I believed the things that were said to me, I started starving myself at a young age.

My parents split up when I was 12. I lived in foster care until my mom got custody of me and my siblings. Living without her was devastating because she was the one who always encouraged and lifted me up. But even though I was living with her again, things only got worse.

I was bullied throughout elementary and high school. By grade 11, I became depressed and, in addition to purging, I began to cut myself and do drugs.

One year later, I was admitted into hospital for anorexia and was told I would die in a year if I continued to starve myself. It was there I applied to Mercy Canada.

My stay at Mercy Canada was life-changing. God gave me perspective and told me I am worthy, beautiful, and that He has plans to transform me through His love. I finally feel accepted and that I have meaning through Christ. The staff and residents reflect God’s love and I feel blessed to have so many people pour love into my stay at Mercy.

By the grace of God my family has been restored. That family member got clean and has become one of my biggest supporters. I never dreamed of all the things God has blessed me with. He truly is a God of wonder who has restored my soul and the years that were stolen from me.

I am redeemed and set free thanks to the beauty of God and the Mercy program.