From a young age I knew what it meant to be abandoned and alone. In the years ahead, I would endure physical and verbal abuse, and as a result I learned to hide my emotions and stuff everything deep down inside of me. Eventually I began to have horrible anxiety attacks to the point where I was scared to open my front door and carry on with life. Despair held me ransom, while chaos was my company.

I first learned about God from my volleyball coach when I was 14. She told me He knit me together in mother’s womb, and that I’m fearfully and wonderfully made. She also said that Jesus knows what it’s like to be abandoned, alone, and abused too. My coach later invited me to her church and I gave my life to Jesus…I knew real love the moment I first experienced it. Years later, this same woman would go on to join the Mercy Canada staff team, and within 2 days of reconnecting with her I applied to the program. I didn’t think counselling was for me, but there was no looking back once my pen hit the application. Life before Mercy was no life at all.

One of my biggest turning points at Mercy was receiving grace for my weakest moments, and this freed me to experience more breakthroughs. I gave up my need for control and perfection when I had a revelation that the Cross would not exist if I was a perfect human being. Now I know the Cross didn’t kill my pain, but it gave me hope to deal with my pain. I used to think God was stuck with me and too disappointed in me to erase me, but now I truly believe He has turned my tears into laughter and given me beauty for my ashes. This is only the beginning of the life He has called me to live. When I think about my life now compared to before Mercy, I’m so extremely excited!

After Mercy, I volunteered at a Christian radio station, competed in the 2016 Miss BC Pageant, and trained to participate in the Run for Mercy 5K & Family Walk. I hope to be a wife, a mom, and a grandmother one day. I also want to be an honorable woman of God in the broadcasting field. I’d like to tell real life stories of what God desires for people, because of what He has done for me!

To all the supporters and friends of Mercy, thank you so much for cheering me on! My life has been transformed and my hope has been restored because of people like you who make Mercy Canada possible.