I arrived at Mercy Canada confused, buried in shame, and overwhelmed by life. I felt like I had tried everything the world told me would bring happiness, but each effort just left me more broken, empty, lost, and exhausted. I knew Jesus was the only one who could help me, yet I had no idea how to come back to Him.

I started researching counsellors and treatment centres for help but quickly discovered I couldn’t afford them. My mom encouraged me to look into Mercy Canada, and when she told me it was free I broke into tears. There was hope—the possibility of a way out!

Mercy gave me the space and structure I needed to allow my thoughts about myself, my purpose, and the world gradually align with God’s. This helped me overcome an eating disorder, depression, anxiety, and an addiction, all of which had caused me to isolate myself. At first I didn’t believe I could actually change, but as staff walked alongside me and I worked through the biblically based counselling curriculum, I encountered Jesus every day and my life began to transform! I started to discover the truth about who I truly am. I gained confidence, worth, and value. I discovered my voice and the value of my words.

When I graduated, I gave myself a whole year to learn how to apply the tools I had learned during my time at Mercy. After that year and much discerning, I enrolled in a psychology program and am now only a few courses away from achieving a Master of Counselling! For me, my healing journey didn’t end when I graduated—but Mercy taught me how to face the struggles that inevitably arise in life. I’ve now been married for 2 years and God has used our marriage to do a massive healing work in me.

God wastes nothing! He released me from heavy chains and gave me a freedom I didn’t know was possible. Now, God has invited me into His work of journeying with others as they heal and discover true freedom. Just as Mercy helped me invite God into the various areas of my life in need of healing, I pray that I too can provide similar support for others who are broken and in need of His love as I enter into the sacred spaces they share with me in counselling.

To all the friends of Mercy, I’m filled with so much gratitude for people like you who give so generously! Thank you for playing a significant part in restoring a life I never knew existed. I’m forever changed!