The Wellness Centre offers biblically-based counselling and support for women of any age.

We all want to live in freedom.

But many of us have experienced pain, trauma or abuse in our pasts. These painful experiences can make us believe we’re unwanted and alone. If you’re struggling with anxiety, depression, self-harm, addiction or an eating disorder, we can help.

Our Wellness Centre offers free-of-charge Christ-centred counselling services to women (ages 13 and over) so that they can experience healing and transformation in their lives.  In addition, we offer a variety of Support Groups for women and parents/guardians to support them in their healing journey.

We believe every woman deserves to experience true freedom and restoration in Christ. Apply to the Wellness Centre, Support Group, or make a donation to support the work of Mercy.



Wellness Centre Process

Since 2010, Mercy has helped hundreds of women find hope and restoration from life-controlling issues.

1. Apply Online

After requesting an application, every woman is paired with a professional Christian counsellor from our wellness centre.

2. Weekly Counselling and Support

Individuals visit the wellness centre weekly for counselling, with an option to join group activities and life-skills training on additional days. Although every care plan is unique, most individuals receive services for 6-12 months.

3. Experience Hope and Life Transformation

Mercy Canada offers transitional care for up to one year on a case-by-case basis after the program, continuing to support individuals as they live in health and freedom.

Christ-Centered Counselling and Transitional Care

At the beginning of the wellness centre program, each participant partners with a counsellor to develop unique goals for the 6 to 12 month program. The wellness centre follows a similar curriculum to our residential care program, helping women identify past trauma and find healing and restoration.

Participants have access to a variety of counselling approaches including CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy), EFT (emotion-focused therapy) and family systems therapy. If the participant wishes, family counselling can also be integrated into the service plan.

Additionally, the wellness centre can help women apply for higher education, improve their resumes and interview skills, connect with professional services, join a church and more. When both the participant and counsellor feel she’s achieved her program goals, Mercy Canada offers transitional care, by request, for one year after the program ends.

“From a young age, I endured physical and verbal abuse. I learned to hide my emotions inside of me but eventually, I began to have horrible anxiety attacks.

I didn’t think counselling was for me, but now I believe that life before Mercy was no life at all. At Mercy, I gave up my need for control and perfection. I used to think God was stuck with me and disappointed in me, but now I believe He has turned my tears into laughter and given me beauty for my ashes.”

Mercy Canada Graduate

Support Groups

Through the Wellness Centre, we offer a variety of Support Groups to support women and parents/guardians in their healing journey.  These groups run between 8-10 weeks online.  Read more about the groups that we offer below or sign up here today.

Women's Anxiety Support Group

Women’s Anxiety Support Group is a process group with an educational component integrating practical tools and how to invite Jesus into this struggle.

  • Ages 13+ for 8 weeks starting September 2023 (more information to follow)

Register here.

Boundaries Group For Women

Ever feel like your life is chaotic or out of control?

Ever feel like you often take on more than you can manage?

Ever struggle with saying no? Or saying ‘yes’ when you really mean ‘no’?

Consider joining our Boundaries group for women!

Through our Boundaries group you will learn how to safeguard yourself by setting healthy limits and protecting what you value. You’ll gain practical tools for finding deeper peace and freedom throughout your life.

  • Weekly for 10 weeks starting Tuesday, July 4 (6:30-8pm PDT, 7:30-9pm MDT, 8:30-10pm CDT, 9:30-11pm EDT)

Register here.

Parental Support Group

Parental Support Group is a process group with an educational component for parents or guardians who need support or assistance. We welcome women and men who are supporting a teen or adult child through life-controlling issues and/or mental health challenges. We will meet via a virtual platform for weekly discussions around the concerns that impact caregivers through their journey. Discussions will be facilitated by a Registered Clinical Counsellor and offer both tools for the journey and exploration of your own experience.

  • Dates to be determined

Register here.

Grief Support Group

Grief Support Group is a process group with an educational component for individuals currently going through a grieving process, of any kind, or walking alongside a loved one that is grieving.  This group will allow for space to explore the human experience of grief, and how God can meet us in our pain. It will also bring awareness to caring for yourself while grieving, as well as ways to support others in their grieving process. We will meet via zoom once per week for group sessions. The group will be facilitated by a registered clinical counsellor as well as a student interning with Mercy Canada.

  • Weekly for 6 weeks starting September 2023 (more information to follow)

Register here.

Keys to Freedom Group

Keys to Freedom is a discipleship study for people that want to go deeper in their relationship with God and discover new insights and fresh revelation. It is for everyone, whether you are a new believer or have walked with God a long time. This is for YOU! Eight weeks. Seven Keys. One Study.

  • Weekly for 9 weeks starting Thursday, July 6 (6:30-8pm PDT, 7:30-9pm MDT, 8:30-10pm CDT, 9:30-11pm EDT)

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Emotions & You

Awareness • Acceptance • Expression

This six-week group will make space for participants to bring awareness to what emotional health looks like, by learning about concepts such as emotion regulation and emotion processing. Participants will also build acceptance of specific emotions, the purposes they serve, and the way emotions show up both physiologically and psychologically. This group is a great way to learn the healthy expression of, and tools for managing emotions & you.

  • Weekly for 6 weeks starting September 2023 (more information to follow)

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