Training, Education, and Awareness To Help You Care For Yourself and Others

You have a heart to care for those who are hurting in your ministry, family, or circles of influence.

But without practical tools to help, caring for the needs of others can leave you feeling unequipped and overwhelmed. That’s why Mercy Canada offers resources, training, and education to help individuals care for hurting people and experience freedom in their own lives.

Mental Health & the Church Awareness & MPower Training

We know what it’s like to feel the weight of people’s brokenness and the desire to effectively help them. But so few people feel equipped to help others in a way that results in true life transformation. Mental Health & the Church training will give you practical insights and action steps to care for individuals struggling with life-controlling issues such as depression, self-harm, or eating disorders — while staying healthy in the process.

Keys to Freedom Study

Keys to Freedom is an 8-week discipleship book study designed to help you recognize God’s voice, heal life’s hurts, and find freedom in Christ. Whatever your age, whatever your life stage, new or established believers alike, this study is for you. You can journey through Keys to Freedom individually, as a group, or one-on-one. Click here to learn more about Keys to Freedom.

Join the Conversation

Join the Conversation nights are designed to provide education and awareness about mental health challenges and their associated life-controlling issues. Additionally, we offer holistic wellness education topics to support and promote improved mental health. These Join the Conversation topics are designed for both those helping someone in their healing journey or if you yourself are struggling.

“The section on helping hurt people and loving well was most helpful. My job is not to fix or set a timeline or carry people, but to facilitate a safe space where there is hope in God. It was great encouragement for me to keep trusting God’s process of loving and valuing people and validating them in their journey.”

 Lois, MPower Workshop Attendee

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