Helping women find freedom through Christ-centred counselling, resources and support

Restoring Hope, Transforming Lives

Christ–centred counselling and support
Life skills training
and transitional care
Resources and training to help
individuals live in freedom

Struggling to live your life in freedom?

Many women facing life-controlling issues such as anxiety, depression, self-harm, addiction, an eating disorder or suicidal ideation feel overwhelmed and ashamed. If you’ve tried to break the patterns of your past over and over again… only to end up exhausted and discouraged—freedom is waiting.

Mercy Canada’s residential care program or wellness centre can help you find healing and restoration from your pain.

Mercy Canada helps women of all ages experience healing and transformation in their lives.

Wellness Centre

Christ-centred counselling, discipleship services and support to women of all ages (ages 13 and older) who struggle with anxiety, depression, addiction, eating disorders or other challenges.

Residential Program

A residential care program for women (ages 19-30) struggling with life-controlling issues. Our 6-12 month program is designed to help women experience God’s love and restoration.

Training & Workshops

If you have a heart to care for those who are hurting, Mercy Canada offers training and resources to empower both men and women to help individuals who are struggling.

Since 2010, our wellness centre and residential program has helped over 252 women 13+ find freedom from life-controlling issues.


of graduates surveyed experienced life transformation and restored hope.


of women surveyed resolved (or significantly stabilized) their initial challenges and were able to self- manage effectively.

Every woman deserves the opportunity to experience God’s life-transforming power.

Since 2010, we’ve helped more than 150 women facing life-controlling issues through our residential care program and wellness centre. Women who may feel stuck and overwhelmed can find hope, healing and restoration at Mercy Canada.

“Due to the generosity of complete strangers, I received a safe haven at Mercy Canada without worrying how to pay for it. Weekly counselling allowed me to process severe childhood trauma and challenge deep wounds and core beliefs. Mercy Canada literally saved my life, my marriage, and changed the course of my sons’ lives for generations to come.”

Jean, Mercy Canada Graduate

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